More than just a clock – an innovative blend of design and functionality.

Anachronism brings time’s elegance to life with a seamless fusion of classic analog beauty and modern digital precision. Crafted entirely in SwiftUI, this app redefines sophistication in both design and coding.

Anachronism: Bridging Eras

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A Digital Clock Like No Other

This is more than timekeeping; it’s a visual symphony, inspired by and dedicated to the visionary work of Humans Since 1982.

Elegance Redefined

Witness the harmony of analog craftsmanship and digital innovation. Timekeeping has never been this elegant.

Multi-Platform Excellence

Experience Anachronism across macOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. Enjoy a unified, seamless experience on all your Apple devices.

A Work of Art

Turn every moment into a masterpiece. Let your clock be more than just a tool – let it be a stunning piece of art.

Anachronism - Available on the App Store

Anachronism was was created with love by Flora Damiano & Giovanni Monaco in Napoli, Italy.