Call for Application at the Apple Developer Academy

Call for Application at the Apple Developer Academy

Become a World Class Developer at the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy. Call for Application 2022/23.

We are writing to let you know that the 2022/23 call for application for the Apple Developer Academy at the University of Naples Federico II, in Italy, is open!

This is a life-changing opportunity for anyone, it doesn’t matter if you have never written a line of code before or if you have been developing software for a long time. The only requirement for you to apply is having a high school diploma.

You can find all the information you need about the call for application at the official website of the program in the link below.

Apple Developer Academy Call for Application 2022-2023 | Developer Academy

The Apple Developer Academy is a learning environment where you are free to explore your own ideas and follow your passions while learning multiple aspects of app development, design, and marketing.

Selected students can join the 9-month formative program, entirely in English, to learn about mobile development for the Apple technology ecosystem in a highly collaborative and diverse community of international peers from all around the world.

To understand the impact of the Apple Developer Academy in Naples (Italy), have a look at some of the coverage in the Apple Newsroom:

You might not know yet, but if it wasn’t for the Apple Developer Academy, probably Create with Swift wouldn’t exist.

Inspired by our experience as mentors at the Apple Developer Academy, we started writing about app development to share our knowledge and experience with the developer community out there.

If this is for you, now is the time to apply. If you know people that could benefit from this opportunity let them know. For any questions about the program or the application process, send an email to

Don't miss the chance. We look forward to seeing you in Naples!