Create with Swift at Swift Heroes 2023

Create with Swift at Swift Heroes 2023

This article will get you started with material created for our session on Make it for Everyone at Swift Heroes 2023.

On May 4th and 5th, the Swift Heroes 2023 was held in Turin, Italy. Domenico De Luca and Pasquale Vittoriosi were speakers at the conference and presented a session about the importance of making your applications accessible and how to ensure that they work well with iOS assistive technologies, called "Make it for Everyone".

"Make it for everyone" session at the Swift Heroes 2023 conference in Turin

The session highlighted the importance of making accessible apps, what to consider while designing an app to ensure accessibility and showcased how easy it is to take advantage of the accessibility features of iOS with SwiftUI.

The session covered the following:

  1. Which are the domains of accessibility and why should you consider accessibility when designing and developing applications.
  2. The thoughtful usage of color, shapes, and symbols when designing application interfaces.
  3. Accessibility settings like Increase Contrast and Dynamic Type and what to consider to support them.
  4. How Voice Over works and how to use modifiers to support assistive technologies when creating interfaces with SwiftUI.
  5. How to run an accessibility audit on your application interface using the Accessibility Inspector.


There are several resources mentioned in the presentation, most from official Apple guidelines and resources. The following bibliography was used as a reference to core concepts about accessibility:

Some articles on Create with Swift may serve as a reference to get you started if you want to explore the topic on your own:

This article is part of a series of articles derived from the presentation "Make it for everyone" presented at the Swift Heroes 2023 conference on May 04-05, 2023.