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Create with Swift at Swift Heroes 2024

This article will get you started with material created for our session on ”Crafting better App Icons” at Swift Heroes 2024.

On the 18th and 19th of April, the Swift Heroes 2024 was held in Turin, Italy. Flora Damiano was a speaker at the conference and presented a session about the importance of app icons and what to take into consideration when designing them, called “Crafting better app icons”.

Banner with a photo of Flora Damiano advertising her talk at the Swift Heroes conference
Flora Damiano at the Swift Heroes 2024 conference
An App Icon is the initial point of contact between users and applications, and it contributes significantly to first impressions. It has to be a distinctive and memorable graphical representation that serves as the visual identity for an app or a game. Flora Damiano

The session highlighted the technical aspects involved in designing, exporting, and displaying your App Icon correctly on the Apple platform you were developing for. The session also delved into the creative process, which plays an equally important role in enhancing the aesthetics and appeal of your App Icon and in ensuring the key aspects to consider to make it great, such as versatility, consistency, originality and memorability.

The session covered the following:

  1. A brief history of app icons
  2. The process of creating app icons
  3. Guidelines for designing and using app icons
  4. Key attributes of great app icons


There are several resources mentioned in the presentation:

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