Dots on Faces

An homage to the genius of American conceptual artist John Baldessari. We celebrate his art through the medium of code.

The App does literally what its title claims: take a picture containing faces, and it will place a brightly colored dot over each one. Which by the way, is a direct and pretty literal interpretation of a quote by the Artist himself:

I will be remembered as "the artist who put dots over people's faces" - John Baldessari

Dots on Faces

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"Instant Artification"
Snap a selfie, lose your face. Add a dot, become art. Who needs identity when you can have abstraction? Make your friends ask, 'Is this art?' and answer with a smug 'Meeh..'”

"Dot Your Selfies"
Because why not? Capture your essence, then cover it with a bright circle. Transform ordinary moments into confusing masterpieces. Feel sophisticated, even if it’s just a Tuesday morning.

"The Art of Disguise"
Why show real faces when you can hide them with a dot? Create enigmatic portraits with a single tap. Because true art is all about giving up your ego, one dot at a time.

"This App Will Change Your Life"
Not really. It's just another way to pass the time, to distract from the existential dread, to connect with strangers and to share pictures of your lunch. Tap, swipe, and pretend it means something.

John Baldessari (1931-2020)

Artist, provacateur, "the godfather of conceptual art", and the person who made colored dots incredibly cool. Known for merging painting, photography, and words into something that made people say, 'Is this art?' and then, 'Hell Yes, it is.' He spent over fifty years turning the mundane into the extraordinary, proving that sometimes, art is just a dot on a face.

Dots on Faces was created with love by Flora Damiano, Stefano Perna, Moritz Philip Recke & Pasquale Vittoriosi in Napoli, Italy.