Weekly Newsletter Issue 19

Weekly Newsletter Issue 19

Weekly newsletter summing up our publications and showcasing app developers and their amazing creations.

Welcome to this week's edition of our newsletter.

Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset is expanding to new markets after its US launch in February. It is now available also in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

Apple Vision Pro arrives in new countries and regions beginning June 14
Apple Vision Pro will be available in Australia, Canada, China mainland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the U.K. in June.

As Apple broadens the availability of the Vision Pro, how will the increased access to it impact innovation and user experience in these regions?

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Published this week

This week we have covered SwiftUI, Accessibility, and TipKit.

Using multi-step animations in SwiftUI

In this article, Tiago and Matteo explain how to use multi-step animations in SwiftUI and how to create, trigger, and transition through animation phases.

Using multi-step animations in SwiftUI
Explore how to define and use a multi-step animation in your SwiftUI app.

Understanding VoiceOver rotor

Pasquale and Matteo discuss an essential component of VoiceOver, the VoiceOver rotor, and show how to create a custom rotor option inside your SwiftUI app.

Understanding VoiceOver rotor
Understand how the VoiceOver rotor works and how to create custom rotor controls within your application.

Displaying tips based on parameters and events with TipKit

Tiago and Matteo come back to TipKit to show how to display tips on your app interface based on parameter values and user events.

Displaying tips based on parameters and events with TipKit
Learn how to trigger tips based on parameters and events with TipKit in a SwiftUI app.

From the community

Here are our highlights of articles and resources created by the app developer community.

GeometryReader: Blessing or Curse?

Fatbobman updated an interesting previous article about the pros and cons of using GeometryReader showing how to use the new modifier introduced this year and providing an implementation that can be used with earlier versions of SwiftUI.

GeometryReader: Blessing or Curse? | Fatbobman’s Blog
This article will dissect the “common problems” of GeometryReader to see if it is really so unbearable, and whether those performances criticized as “not meeting expectations” are actually due to problems with the developers’ “expectations” themselves.

Mixing colors in SwiftUI and Xcode 16

In SwiftUI, you can mix two color values by specifying an amount and a colorspace with a new modifier introduced in iOS 18. Donny demonstrates how to use it.

Mixing colors in SwiftUI and Xcode 16 – Donny Wals
SwiftUI in iOS 18 and macOS 15 has gained a new trick; it can mix colors. This means that it’s now possible to take a color and modify it by applying another color to it using a provided percentage.

SwiftUI Hero Animations with NavigationTransition

Peter shows how to implement a hero animation like in the App Store’s Today page using the newly released NavigationTransition

Peter Friese’s Blog
Welcome to peterfriese.dev!

Indie App of the Week


As the name suggests, push is an app developed by Johnny that helps you count your push-ups by using the TrueDepth camera and with HealthKit integration. It has a simple and intuitive design showing just the essential information the user needs.

The developer pays great attention to detail, which can be seen in the micro-interactions and animations, such as the Dynamic Island one, prompting the user to better position the camera to detect their face.

‎push – workout counter
‎push is your new favorite workout companion. use it to intelligently count your push-up repetitions using facial tracking and keep track of your progress. all in a beautiful interface designed to keep you motivated. CHANGE YOUR WORKOUT GAME use push to log your push-up workouts with sets, reps, and…

We really appreciate Enid's recent post inviting all iOS developers to share their apps. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only showcase your work but also to receive valuable feedback, inspiration, and make new connections within the developer community.

If you have an app, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to share it with other developers and benefit from this collective exchange.

We can’t wait to see what you will Create with Swift.

See you next week!

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