Using expanded SwiftUI support for MapKit

Learn how to use SwiftUI to integrate Maps in your apps with extended MapKit features like annotations, overlays, camera controls, and more.

Using expanded SwiftUI support for MapKit

The MapKit implementation for SwiftUI has been somewhat limited to basic features. More advanced implementations, like adding annotations, required the use of UIKit. At WWDC 2023, Apple announced the extension of MapKit features for SwiftUI, enabling the design of more expressive and interactive maps using Views and View Modifiers.

Here are some highlights on what is possible to achieve using MapKit and SwiftUI together on iOS 17.

With the release of its new features for MapKit for SwiftUI at WWDC 2023, Apple is deprecating previous symbols and their implementations. Beyond some Map initializers, the previous structures MapAnnotation, MapMarker and MapPin will no longer be used and have been replaced with more powerful annotations and overlays.

Check the Developer Documentation for Map protocols and view modifiers that are no longer supported.
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