Using SF Symbols in SwiftUI

This reference article covers how to use SF Symbols in SwiftUI and the most common modifiers associated with them.

Using SF Symbols in SwiftUI

SF Symbols is a library of icons designed to be used with the San Francisco font, the system font for Apple platforms. You can have access to the library of over 3,000 symbols by downloading the mac app available on the official Apple Website.

SF Symbols - Apple Developer
With over 3,300 configurable symbols, SF Symbols is designed to integrate seamlessly with San Francisco, the system font for Apple platforms.

And for guidelines on how to use them on your applications check the Human Interface Guidelines page dedicated to them. In there you can see all the different properties you can change and even how to create your custom symbols.

SF Symbols - SF Symbols - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

Another big plus is that using those icons in your interfaces made with SwiftUI requires only creating a new image using the proper name.

Image(systemName: "house")

You can change multiple properties of the SF Symbols you use on your interface by using the number of different modifiers available. Let's have a look.

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