Using the Mapbox SDK for iOS with Xcode Cloud

This reference covers how to write custom build scripts for Xcode Cloud to use the Mapbox SDK as a dependency with Swift Package Manager.

Using the Mapbox SDK for iOS with Xcode Cloud

Xcode Cloud is a new cloud-based toolchain introduced by Apple during WWDC 2021 that allows to automatically build, test, and distribute apps from within Xcode. It is available in beta currently, and you can join the waiting list here.

The initial configuration is quite straight forward and the system can be set up in a few minutes within any development project. For a quick guide on how to get started, consider our article "Setting up Xcode Cloud for Automated Builds, Tests and Distribution".

However, when using third-party dependencies in your project, things might get a bit more complicated. Apart from requiring access to the git repositories for all dependencies, some packages may require additional configuration before they can be used with Xcode Cloud. Apart from many other usage scenarios, this is where build scripts come in.

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