Converting Video Files for HLS Streaming

This reference shows how to convert video files for HLS streaming with ffmpeg and how to create video files from .m3u8 manifest and .ts files.

Converting Video Files for HLS Streaming

On-demand content is at the core of any modern multimedia application or service. HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS) is a popular format for HTTP-based adaptive bitrate streaming. It breaks the media stream into small media segments through the use of M3U playlist files that direct the client to the media segment files. To know more, consider our article on Using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for live and on‚Äźdemand audio and video that covers the basics.

When working with HLS, you have to convert video files into media segments and manifest playlists. For this, you can utilize Apple's HTTP Live Streaming Tools package, which contains seven prerelease command-line tools for the deployment and validation of HTTP Live Streaming solutions. Most relevantly, the Media Stream Segmenter and Media File Segmenter are used to create the playlist and media segment files.

However, these tools are a prerelease and actually not as feature-rich as one might expect. Luckily, there is a long-standing alternative available to supercharge all your video conversion needs. Let's have a look.

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