Weekly Newsletter Issue 1

Weekly Newsletter Issue 1

Weekly newsletter summing up our publications and showcasing app developers and their amazing creations

Welcome to the first issue of the revamped Create with Swift newsletter!

After receiving feedback from numerous app developers, we have decided to change the format of the newsletter to a more traditional approach.

We aim not only to sum up the articles we publish during the week but also to provide a platform to showcase app developers we admire, their amazing apps, and the content they create.

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Published this week

This week we have covered Spatial Computing topics to support you in developing your own applications for visionOS.

Using Attachments in a RealityView

Discover Attachments, a way to display SwiftUI views in your RealityView. Avoid common pitfalls and errors by learning how to use them effectively with this short article by Pasquale Vittoriosi.

Using Attachments in a RealityView
Learn how to display SwiftUI views in a RealityView for visionOS applications.

Using an image as the texture of a material on a 3D object

In this tutorial, Tiago Pereira shows step-by-step how to integrate image textures onto 3D models within a RealityView, which can enhance your spatial computing applications with visually engaging content.

Using an image as the texture of a material on a 3D object
Learn how to use an image as the texture of a 3D model in a RealityView.

Are you interested in a one-day workshop about creating apps for visionOS?

We are working on a one-day workshop to empower anyone to create apps for the new Apple Vision Pro. It could happen in May 2024, and be held in presence (most likely in Naples, Italy), online, or even both (as separate events).

And if you are curious... yes... we will have the Apple Vision Pro with us to test apps on the device!

Workshop: Creating apps for visionOS

If this is something for you, let us know:

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From the Community

Introducing SwiftUI on visionOS

Majid dives into the exciting possibilities of using SwiftUI for developing immersive apps on visionOS.

Introducing SwiftUI on visionOS
Apple Vision Pro is coming soon, and it is the perfect time to look at SwiftUI API, which allows us to adapt our apps to the immersive world that visionOS provides us. Apple states that the best way to build an app is with Swift and SwiftUI. This week, we will learn how to use SwiftUI to build a visionOS app.

Vision Accessibility on Apple Vision Pro

After buying the Apple Vision Pro, zmknox shared his experience as a low-vision user about how Apple handles accessibility in the platform.

Vision Accessibility on Apple Vision Pro
I have low vision. A kind you can’t really correct for with glasses or contacts. I also bought Apple Vision Pro at launch. Why would I do this? Well because I’m a nerd who wants to see the future, but also because I was fascinated to see how Apple would handle accessibility for this new product. Apple’s track record on accessibility in the past decade has been stellar1, in my opinion, with their teams adding powerful options every year and ensuring every new platform has accessibility support built in from the start. If you’re curious about the history of Apple’s early accessibility efforts, I highly recommend listening to Shelly Brisbin’s 36 Seconds That Changed Everything documentary about that very topic. ↩

Indie App of the Week


Did you know that visionOS does not have a clock visible at all times? It is really easy to lose track of time when using it!

GlanceBar by Adam Shaw is a visionOS app designed to provide a quick overview of your daily essentials like time, weather, and reminders through an unobtrusive interface, offering a rich, animated experience and helping you stay organized.

It emphasizes elegant design and practicality to ensure important daily information is always at your sight and fingertips.

‎GlanceBar: your day at a glance Introducing GlanceBar, your ultimate companion for effortlessly staying updated on your day’s essentials. Built from the ground up for visionOS, GlanceBar consolidates crucial information into a single, easily accessible window bar. AN OVERVIEW OF YOUR DAY Instantly…

It was a lot of fun exploring Spatial Computing and we hope you enjoyed reading about it too.

If you liked this first newsletter issue, if you have any thoughts or ideas about this new format, or if there's something you'd like to see in next week's edition, please let us know!

We can’t wait to see what you will Create with Swift.

See you next week!

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