Supporting Increase Contrast in your app to enhance Accessibility

Understand how to enhance the user experience of your app by supporting the Increase Contrast accessibility feature and leveraging one of the available environment values in SwiftUI.

Supporting Increase Contrast in your app to enhance Accessibility

iOS offers a range of vision accessibility features that can help users with visual impairments to use their devices more effectively. One such feature is the Increase Contrast setting, which enhances the visibility of elements on the screen by updating colors to high-contrast appearances.

Settings App -> Accessibility -> Display & Text Sizes -> Increase Contrast

In the article "Understand how to use Colors and Contrast Ratio to ensure Visual Accessibility", we have seen how important it is to choose a color scheme with an ideal contrast ratio to ensure that your app is visually appealing but also visually accessible.

According to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, it's recommended to use default system colors whenever possible. However, suppose you opt to use different colors (e.g., for branding purposes); In that case, it's crucial to not only ensure that they meet the minimum acceptable contrast ratio but also provide high contrast tints for these colors.

This article explains how to support Increase Contrast.

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