Weekly Newsletter Issue 4

Weekly Newsletter Issue 4

Weekly newsletter summing up our publications and showcasing app developers and their amazing creations.

Welcome to this week's edition of our newsletter.

It’s been over a month since the release of Apple Vision Pro and we are starting to see one-month reviews popping up. Joanna Stern, one of the first reviewers of the hardware, wrote about it on WSJ and has also been invited to the New York Times podcast Hard Fork to talk about her experience and share her thoughts.

These reviews are important since they highlight the current state of the platform, which are the current use cases, and where it is still lacking. Developers can benefit from them by spotting opportunities analyzing how people are using the device, and actively contributing to the growth of the platform.

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Published this week

This week we have covered accessibility representation, 360 videos on visonOS apps, and particle emitters in Reality Composer Pro.

Making a view accessible using the Accessibility Representation modifier

Pasquale Vittoriosi shows an approach to improve the accessibility of apps by replacing the custom views' accessible representation with equally functional and perceivable ones that are already accessible.

Making a view accessible using the Accessibility Representation modifier
Learn how to ensure the accessibility of your custom views by replacing their accessible representation.

Create an Immersive Experience with a 360-degree video in visionOS

Discover the world of immersive spaces with Giusi Di Paola's tutorial. In her first piece, she guides you through the process of creating a 360-degree video using RealityKit on VisionOS with a hands-on approach.

Create an Immersive Experience with a 360-degree video in visionOS
Learn how to create an immersive space with a 360-degree video on visionOS with RealityKit.

The power of particle emitters in digital creation

Domenico De Luca walks us through how particles affect the user experience, the design principles on how to use them properly, and makes a comparative analysis of the tools you could use to make your particle emitters.

The Power of Particle Emitters in Digital Creation
Discover how particles can enhance the user experience of your applications.

Reaching out to the community

We would like to use this space today to get in touch with you! As you know, in our new newsletter format we highlight the work made by indie app developers all over the world. Do you know great apps created by developers you follow? Are you that developer? Let us know on this thread!

Besides that, we are always on the lookout for articles, videos, or other resources created by the community for the community. Developers and designers are sharing their knowledge and experiences to support developers starting their journey in app development or taking the next steps in their careers.

If you have spotted great articles, tutorials, videos, or resources in the past few days and you believe everyone should know about them, share them with us in this thread!

Now, talking about us. We at Create with Swift are a passionate interdisciplinary community and we are always reflecting on which topics and frameworks to write next. We would love to hear from you about which hidden Apple frameworks or interesting app development topics you would like to hear more about. Let us know on this thread!

From the community

Here are some highlights of articles and resources created by the app developer community.

How to Avoid Repeating SwiftUI View Updates

Shashidhar Jagatap demonstrates how to optimize a SwiftUI app to improve its performance and responsiveness by avoiding unnecessary view updates, which can lead to performance issues.

How to Avoid Repeating SwiftUI View Updates.
In SwiftUI, view updates can sometimes occur more frequently than necessary, leading to unnecessary re-rendering and performance issues.

Everything you need to know about Swift 5.10

In last week’s issue of the newsletter, we shared that Swift 5.10 was released. Donny Wals summarized the new changes and explained how the new features affect Swift's concurrency.

Everything you need to know about Swift 5.10 – Donny Wals
The long awaited iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 have just been released which means that we could slowly but surely start seeing alternative app stores to appear if you’re an EU iOS user. Alongside the 17.4…

Indie App of the Week


After just a month of diving into SwiftUI, Waldemar Osmala crafted a Pomodoro timer app with a lot of personality.

The app is focused, with an elegant and simple design. It captivates and engages users through its Bauhaus-inspired user interface. Blending simplicity with creativity Focushaus delivers a fascinating experience.

‎“Focushaus: Bauhaus-inspired Pomodoro app for effortless productivity. Easy-to-use design, boosts focus. Work stylishly, work efficiently.” Timer: Set customizable work and break intervals. 1. Receive alerts when work or break sessions end. 2. Allow the timer to run in the background while using ot…

Also, did you notice that Apple has been releasing updates in many of their services, APIs and technologies this month? From providing support for tracking expenses on Apple payment services with FinanceKit to updates to App Store Connect and also news about the next generation of CarPlay… it has been hard to keep up.

We can’t wait to see what you will Create with Swift.

See you next week!

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