Weekly Newsletter Issue 3

Weekly Newsletter Issue 3

Weekly newsletter summing up our publications and showcasing app developers and their amazing creations.

Welcome to this week's edition of our newsletter.

A lot has happened this week!

The latest version of iOS, 17.4, was officially released. It comes with several new features such as podcast transcriptions, new emojis, and updates in line with the EU's Digital Markets Act.

Xcode has also been updated to version 15.3, which includes SDKs for the latest iOS release.

Last week, the Swift team shared the release process and schedule for Swift 6.0, while this week they released Swift 5.10.

Additionally, Apple has launched the latest MacBook Air, which is available in 13- and 15-inch models and features the powerful M3 chip, continuing its legacy as the most popular and beloved Mac.

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Published this week

This week we have covered Sign in with Apple, points to meters when designing for visionOS, and the art of customizing charts in Swift Charts.

Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Apple is an authentication service that leverages Apple ID credentials for login, eliminating the need to create and manage separate passwords. In this article, Tiago Pereira and Matteo Altobello will guide you on how to start your journey by implementing it in a SwiftUI app.

Sign in with Apple on a SwiftUI application
Learn how to add Sign in with Apple to a SwiftUI project using the Authentication Services framework.

Understanding real-world sizes for visionOS

Emanuele Agosta highlights how translating real-world dimensions into digital measures when designing for visionOS.

Understanding real-world sizes for visionOS
Learn how to convert meters and inches to points when designing for visionOS.

Customizing a Chart in Swift Charts

Adding on top of last week's publication about Swift Chart, Tiago Pereira and Matteo Altobello show you how to customize the visuals of a chart.

Customizing a Chart in Swift Charts
Learn how to customize the visuals of a chart using Swift Charts in a SwiftUI application.

The 2024/25 call for applications for the Apple Developer Academy at the University of Naples Federico II, in Italy, is open!

If this is for you, now is the time to apply! Don’t miss the chance!

Call for Application at the Apple Developer Academy 2024
Become a World Class Developer at the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy. Call for Application 2024/25.

From the community

Here are some highlights of articles and resources created by the app developer community.

Tundsdev channel on YouTube

Lately, anytime someone asks us about how to start learning Swift Data the first thing that comes to mind is tundsdev YouTube channel.

Tunde Adegoroye has been doing an amazing job in the past months covering the framework with straightforward videos filled with great explanations and examples on how to apply the concepts being covered.

The BEST place to Learn iOS Development 💫 SwiftUI Tutorials, UIKit Tutorials & iOS related Development Tutorials freshly served every week 👨🏾‍🍳

We are tagging the whole YouTube channel because you really can’t choose only one video.

Visual Effect API - Stacked Cards

Still on video creation, another great channel to follow is Kavsoft. They have many videos showing how to implement interactions and animations with SwiftUI and covering frameworks and topics that we are sure crossed the mind of every developer.

In the following video, they create a stacked cards animation using ScrollView, SwiftUI animations, and the VisualEffects API.

Visual Effect API - Stacked Cards - ScrollView - iOS 17 - Xcode 15
Hello Guys 🖐🖐🖐In this video, I’m going to show how to create a cool Stacked Cards Animation Using ScrollView With the Help of New iOS 17 APIs in SwiftUI |…

Indie App of the Week

Mercury Weather

A beautiful weather app developed by Malin Sundberg and Kai Dombrowski that offers detailed forecasts, accurate rain predictions, and elegant widgets, designed for a clean and informative user experience.

It provides a distinctive combination of functionality and aesthetics that cater to a diverse range of devices and platforms, utilizing all the platform-specific features.

Besides being a beautiful well design application, recently it has been updated to include support for visionOS, including an interactive mini-weather window that can be placed anywhere within your space.

‎Mercury Weather
‎“It’s a weather app. How much is there to say?” – Malin from Triple Glazed Studios’ crack product marketing team TOP FEATURES – Beautiful weather charts – Detailed daily forecast – Incredibly accurate rain forecast – Simple yet powerful menu bar item – Stunning widgets – Weather normals Privacy po…

Do you have an indie app in the works? Why not ensure it is awesome for everyone?

To close our newsletter we would like you to know that we just gave our Make It Accessible page an update. It’s full of tips and tricks to guide you through making your app super accessible. We’re planning to roll out even more helpful articles down the line. So, why not swing by and see what’s new?

Make it Accessible
Make it Accessible Create applications that are truly for everyone App development is a continuously evolving field, and ensuring accessibility for all users is a crucial aspect of it. It’s a testament to a developer’s unwavering dedication to providing a digital experience in which every user, regardless of their cognitive

We can’t wait to see what you will Create with Swift.

See you next week!

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